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For Real Estate transactions in California through private money.

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Private Capital Source provides private money loans for real estate transactions in Redding, CA and throughout California. Our goal is to exceed expectations & provide a seamless lending process.

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Fix & Flip Loans

We provide short-term hard money loans for real estate investors buying, renovating & selling residential properties.

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This is a great solution for investors seeking a longer term, buy & hold strategy as an alternative to traditional mortgage financing.

Bridge Loans

Looking for short term financing on an owner occupied property you’re wanting to purchase & can’t sell your current home?

Commercial Loans

Having the capital you need in a few business days is important to capitalize on a profit making opportunity.

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The Power of Real Estate Investment

Real estate investment is fundamentally one of the most reliable and intelligent approaches to accumulating wealth. With the right groundwork and understanding, anyone can find substantial financial success in real estate. But let’s face it, you’re likely already aware of this. What might catch your interest, however, is how to utilize the profit generated from a successful investment career.

While it’s inevitable that a portion of these earnings will go towards sustaining your chosen lifestyle, it’s crucial to be judicious with your wealth. Naturally, you could reinvest into another property, but if you’re searching for a different avenue, there’s a possibility you may not have explored: private money lending.

Those investors who are financially capable should contemplate engaging in private money lending within the real estate sector. This approach presents the same kind of inherent security and potential for profit as property rehabbing or wholesaling, yet without the need for actual property acquisition.

Understanding Private Money Lending

Private money lending is a process where individuals offer their own funds to other investors or professionally managed real estate funds, with a mortgage on real estate as loan security. It’s an alternative to traditional banks, allowing investors to secure loans with real estate worth significantly more than the loan itself, often presenting lower risk compared to owning real estate.

Historically, real estate financing was sourced from institutions with stringent criteria not suitable for average investors, leading to the need for alternative lending sources. Those with sufficient funds realized their capital could be more beneficial to investors, making private money lending a vital part of the real estate investment sector.

There are numerous advantages for those who opt to be private money lenders, including lessening risk and building wealth if executed correctly. However, this route isn’t suitable for everyone, and individuals need to evaluate their financial capability before engaging in such investments. If prepared to manage potential risks and seize opportunities, private money lending might be worth considering.

Who is Private Money Lending Suitable For?

Private money lending might be a suitable strategy for you if:

• You’re a real estate investor aiming to broaden your portfolio.
• You’re a professional (such as an engineer, doctor, lawyer, or CEO) with substantial income or surplus cash.
• You’ve accumulated a considerable amount in your retirement savings.
• You’re a retiree seeking a passive income-generating investment.
• You’re a trustee of an estate or another trust fund.
• You’re a tech entrepreneur at the helm of a successful startup.
• You’re a lottery jackpot winner.
• You’re financially capable and willing to assist a friend or family member.

If you’re still uncertain, don’t worry. The following information aims to address any questions or concerns you may have about venturing into private money lending.

Private Lending Companies

As the prevalence of private loans increases, so does the presence of private lending firms. Often, these firms are collectives of investors who amalgamate their funds to finance a greater number of deals and boost profits. They generate revenue through interest payments, akin to conventional lenders, but their application criteria can often significantly differ. Many of these private lending firms function primarily online, earning them the moniker of online lenders. In essence, they offer another potential avenue for financing your upcoming deal.

Breaking Down the Principle of Private Money Loans

The principle of a private money loan is fairly straightforward. It necessitates three components: a borrower, a lender, and extensive documentation.

In essence, private money lending could be your optimal opportunity to invest in real estate without using your own funds. Private money loans can cater to the needs of investors. While they appear to fulfill the same function as traditional lenders, several notable distinctions exist. Private money loans often impose higher rates than banks, but they’re more accessible in situations where a typical bank might decline. Furthermore, banks and other financial institutions usually don’t offer the same blend of swiftness and transparency in their decision-making process.

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